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The following categorized listing concentrates primarily on medical information. Many of the web sites relating to Tibetan Medicine are intertwined with other aspects of Tibetan life and culture, Buddhism, conservation projects, and campaigns for political autonomy.

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These links are no longer maintained - archival resource only.

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Tibetan Medicine Scholarship, Research and Clinical Trials

Tibetan Medicine Training and Healing Centers

Tibetan Medicine and Related Publications

Herb Growing/Conservation

Tibetan Culture and Organizations

News Broadcasting and Email Lists


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Tibetan Medicine Scholarship, Research, and Clinical Trials

Alternative Medicine Foundation - Tibetan Medicine Resource Guide
The Alternative Medicine Foundation has developed a set of resources guides on different modalities, emphasizing the evidence-based research available.  These are suitable for patients, practitioners and researchers.

Asian Studies Virtual Library
Collection of resources compiled by Dr. T Matthew Ciolek and a team of co-editors at the Australian National University, Canberra.

Breast Cancer Clinical Trial
report of the breast cancer clinical trial involving Dr. Dhonden's diagnosis and protocol and the analysis of a group of patients by Dr Debu Tripathy.

Dharma-Haven Tibetan Medicine
The emphasis of the web site is spiritual. It also contains a comprehensive, annotated collection of links on Tibetan Medicine. Click on Tibetan Medicine Resources.

Dharmapala Centre - School of Thangka Painting
Tibetan medical paintings from the School of Thangka Painting in Kathmandu, Nepal. Click on Photos of 172 Thangkas, depicted in 3 galleries, or go directly to the Medical Thangkas of the Blue BeryII:

First International Congress on Tibetan Medicine

For archives, program and background information, on the medical congress that took place in Washington, DC, November 1998.

International Trust for Traditional Medicine (ITTM)
ITTM supports research projects, including development of three databases, medicinal plant cultivation project, a networking mailing list and publications.

Jurgen Aschoff's Tibet Bookmania
Access information on thousands of books. The full text of the International Bibliography of Tibetan Medicine (up to 1995) is available online.

Menla Tibetan Medical Institute (MTMI)
Menla is a Tibetan refugee health care project, initiative of Alternative Resources Unlimited, Inc, a non profit organization.  Dr. Yeshi Dhonden and colleagues, in collaboration with the University of California, San Francisco, are conducting a clinical trial into his treatment of breast cancer using Tibetan medicine.

Pro-Cultura's Source for Tibetan Medicine
Pro-Cultura has presented several conferences on the theme of traditional systems of medicine, including the First International Congress on Tibetan Medicine. Information on the planned Second International Congress on Tibetan Medicine can be found on the site. See the Call for Papers!

Resource Guide for Tibetan Medicine
This guide has been researched by the Institute for Traditional Medicine. Explore the site for other Tibetan Medicine resources.

Tibetan & Himalayan Digital Library
Use of web technologies to integrate diverse knowledge and information about Tibet and the Himalayas.

Tibetan Medicine and Astrology
From the official page of the Government of Tibet in Exile, this description covers the Tibetan Horoscope and Astro Science. An Introduction to Tibetan Medicine is written by Dr Tamdin Sither Bradley, who trained at the TMAI and now lives in London, UK.

Tibet Medicine - Purdue University
Part of a site about Tibet put up by the Tibet Study Association

Tibetan Medicine
Eliot Tokar's home page contains his biographical information and full text of some of his own articles on Tibetan medicine.

Yuthog Foundation for Tibetan Medicine
A centre for the training and education of young Ladakhi people in Tibetan medicine. The main objective is the preservation and development of traditional Tibetan medicine and study of the use and identification of medicinal plants.

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Tibetan Medicine Training and Healing Centers

Please refer to the information on Tibetan Medicine Schools and Training for background information on the education and training of Tibetan doctors. Note that not all who call themselves Tibetan doctors have received full training.

Center for Spirituality and Healing
The center was established in 1995 at the University of Minnesota to bring together biomedical, complementary, cross-cultural, and spiritual care. 

Dr. Amipa's Website
Dr. Tendhon Amipa-Desam comes from a dynasty of doctors and lamas from Sakya in south Tibet.  He practices Tibetan medicine in Zurich, Switzerland.

Institute of East West Medicine

Dr. Choeying Phuntsok, Tibetan medical doctor, is available at the Meridian Center of the Institute of East west Medicine.

Institute for Traditional Medicine, Tibetan clinic
Pictures of the Dre-Gomang Community Dispensary. A facility supported by ITM. Completed June 1999.

Land of Medicine Buddha
A center for healing and developing a good heart. The center holds conferences, retreats, and other events, including qigong and other healing arts.

NSTG - Dutch Foundation for Tibetan Medicine
This organization runs a clinic for Tibetan doctors in Holland where they may practice legally and patient consultations are reimbursed. NSTG is linked to the TMAI and has frequent visits from eminent doctors from around the world.

The ROKPA's Tibetan medical colleges and barefoot doctor programs focus mainly on first aid and preventive medicine based in Tibet. Tibetan men and women are trained to become self-supporting, to contribute to health care in their communities, and help preserve an effective community medical tradition.

Tibetan Healing Fund

The Tibetan Healing Fund is a humanitarian organization established to improve primary healthcare and basic education for rural women and children in Qinghai Province.

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Tibetan Medicine and Related Publications

Ayur Vijnana
Occasional publication, Ayur Vijnana, edited by Barbara Gerke, ITTM.  It carries original articles on Indo-Tibetan traditional medicine.

First International Congress on Tibetan Medicine Tapes
Tapes of all the sessions from the First International Congress on Tibetan Medicine can be obtained directly from the conference recording company.

Clearlight Books

Conscious Media

Shambala Publications

Snow Lion

Tara's Webstore

Wisdom Publications

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Herb Growing/Conservation

Daniel Winkler's Web Site
information on the environment, forestry, forest ecosystems, economic trees, medicinal plants & mushrooms and rural development of the Tibetan areas of Southwest China.

Herbal Sources of Tibetan Medicine
Resource from Dharma-Haven on the preservation of Himalayan herbs used in Tibetan MedicineTibetan and Himalayan Digital Library

Pharmacy in Tibetan Medicine
Evolving resource from the University of Virginia on Tibet medicine pharmacy and pharmacology.

Tibetan Plateau Project
The Tibetan Plateau Project promotes conservation of the biodiversity of the greater Tibetan plateau region, and sustainable development for mountain communities through regional projects.
There is a free listserve (Internet discussion group) sponsored by the Tibetan Plateau Project to promote the discussion and exchange of information on the topics of medicinal plant conservation and traditional Tibetan medicine.

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Tibetan Culture and Organizations

Buddhist Information Network with worldwide links.

Buddhist Studies WWW Virtual Library
It is not possible to link to all Buddhist resources in this TibetMed listing.  This resource from Australia provides extensive links to hundreds more academic sites worldwide.

Canada Tibet Committee
CTC's goal is to create a structure within which concerned Canadians can work together with their Tibetan friends to develop increased Tibet-awareness in Canada.

Government of Tibet in Exile
This is the official web site for His Holiness the Dalai Lama's Government in Exile, maintained by the Office of Tibet in London.

International Campaign for Tibet
Political campaign for a free Tibet.

Kagyu Samye Ling
The Kagyu Samye Ling monastery and Tibetan center was founded in 1967 by two refugee Tibetan abbots -Dr Akong Tulku Rinpoche and Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche .

Land of Medicine Buddha
Tibetan Buddhist dharma center, belonging to the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition.

Milarepa Fund
A non profit organization working for peace and freedom in Tibet.

Norbulingka Institute
The Norbulingka Institute's Academy of Tibetan Culture

Nyema Projects
A humanitarian, cultural preservation, and social services organization working in Nangchen, Tibet.

Shang Shung - U.S.A.

The mission of the Shang Shung Institute is to foster the knowledge and development of Tibetan cultural traditions, and encourage cooperation among interested groups.

The Asia Society
Arts and culture, Business and Economics, Education and Politics.

Tibet Awareness Site
Information on Tibetan culture, news, and links

Tibetan Culture Center
Reports on events, teachings, and activities

Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy ( TCHRD)
The Center was established for effective monitoring of the human rights situation in tibet and the promotion of democracy in the Tibetan community

Tibet Foundation

This European organization is dedicated to the preservation of Tibetan life and all aspects of its culture.

Tibet Fund
The Tibet Fund, founded in 1981, is the principal fund raising organization for the Tibetan people, established to help preserve and promote their unique cultural heritage.

Tibet House

The Tibet house Cultural Center, with Gallery, Library, and Archives, and developing traveling exhibitions, print publications and media productions presents to the West Tibet's ancient traditions of art and culture.

Tibetan Info - TIN
An independent news and research service providing information and analysis of developments in Tibet

Tibetan Mastiffs
The Tibetan Mastiff is a large guardian breed of dog from the Himalayas.

Tibetan National Flag

Tibet Online
Operated by the international Tibet Support Group as a community resource for Tibetans in exile.

Tibet Online Resource Gathering
The Tibet Online project campaigns for a free Tibet and helps provide employment opportunities for Tibetans in exile.

Truth About Tibetan Culture
World Tibet network news and archives

Tsechen Damchos Ling Buddhist Monastery

Information about daily life and spiritual practices in a small Tibetan monastery in India. The monks are supported by a Sponsorship Scheme and an online Buddhist Bookstore.

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News Broadcasting and Email Lists

Radio Free Asia
International broadcaster Radio Free Asia is available in English or Burmese, Cantonese, Khmer, Korean, Lao, Mandarin, Tibetan and Vietnamese. Each of these sections also carries the latest news and programing from the station in the local language using the Audio Active system. A free player can be downloaded from the Internet.

Tibetan Studies L Email List
Moderated by "T. Matthew Ciolek" <>

Voice of America
VOA transmits Tibet broadcasts - two one-hour programs each day.

Voice of Tibet
Daily 30 minutes news service. Web site has real audio.

World Tibet Network News

View the latest news and search the archives for important past news items.

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These links are no longer maintained - archival resource only.

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